Will China address Copyright violations

Jon Dudas, Director – US Patent and Trademark Office, speaking in Beijing for a global IPR forum, “No one will want to bring their technology to a nation that doesn’t protect it”. Really? If 81% of the counterfeit products seized originate in China, does that not signal the technology is already there?

Short sightedness coupled with greed (or desire for share-holder profits) propels manufacturing companies to live in the NOW, when seeking lower cost. The concept China would or could do anything to protect the “Rights” of foriegn companies is absurd. China would be more incline to develop it’s own IPR/Copyright legislation in protecting what they have now stolen, or should we say learned how to develop on their own.

In my industry Philips waited till the market developed an successfully enforced its rights on CD manufacturing, except in China. The same can be said of the DVD Forum which aims to follow the same path. However, because of deep rooted hatred toward Japanese, coupled with their exculsion, China went ahead an developed its own DVD format.

Recently we have noticed the mega Law firms establishing themselves in China with satillite offices focused on these practices. We have yet too hear of any successful meaningful advancements with regards to “Rights”. No less than 10 years ago it was professed this country will evolve into a consumer/service orientated state. Recent headlines point to the fact we no longer are a leading technology source. If we fall short of manufacturing, let alone protect the creative rights of new technology, with no outlet too enforce why make or invent anything.

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