new lawyers: a new attitude

“I want to do lawyer type work on a daily basis.”  I thought this was a solid response to an interview question lobbed at me during a brief encounter with a Cook County firm.  On the drive home however, I reflected on my answer.  Did the firm know that I would take initiative, seek out additional responsibility, embrace criticism, and organize my time productively?  No, becaue I had not told them that during the interview.  My interviewee mind-set required that I wait for a question before responding with a list of my positive attributes.  That interview was a wake up call: my interview skills were outdated. That’s when I decided to uncover a new interview attitude.

Inspired to take action before my next meeting, I visited the Sushan Consultants website, which offered a solid refresher on how to respond to questions using the behavioral interview  or ‘STAR’ technique (Situation Task Action Results) — an approach popular with new attorneys to distinguish themselves in interviews.

I’ve decided that my STAR approach will involve adopting a branding technique.  According to the team at WhyBrandU, managing your personal brand is the key to achieving career objectives. Whether you call it self-promotion, self-marketing, creating buzz, or personal branding, the idea is to highlight select information about your qualities and life experience to achieve a desired perception by the interviewer.  Though traditionally applied to products or businesses, I believe this technique will be just as effective to help me distinguish myself from other applicants during interviews.  Stay posted to find out if my new interview attitude was effective.  Thanks for sharing – Sherri

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