avvo launching later this summer …

Avvo, Inc. says its focus is helping consumers navigate the legal industry … And that means what, exactly? Avvo representative Minou Nguyen wouldn’t say. I spoke with her — mum’s the word. One thing they will say: they just closed a second round of financing [bringing the total to $13 million] led by Seattle, WA based Ignition Partners, LLC and Benchmark Capital. Brad Silverberg, founding partner at Ignition, has also been appointed to the board, joining CEO Mark Britton, Paul Bloom, VP of Products and Marketing, and Rich Barton, chairman and CEO of real estate innovator Zillow, Inc.

This investment further supports our belief that we have the right solution for helping consumers navigate the highly confusing legal industry,” said Mark Britton, Avvo’s Chief Executive Officer … [this is a] game-changing idea in the legal vertical …

It looks like the company will be involved with enabling legal service delivery online and helping consumers and small businesses find lawyers. All they have to tell us now is what the heck they plan to do with all that money … besides having a money fight or making money-angels.

Coming Up: My interview with CEO Mark Britton. Stay tuned …

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