by 2012 your conference table will recognize you

Surface PC

the table is the computer … last week Microsoft announced its Surface PC (note: stupid name), a wired coffee table (yeah, coffee table) that allows users to perform computer functions on its surface. in essence the table is the computer (note: good idea).

the unit, which will retail for a mere $5,000-$10,000, recognizes items placed on it by keying on bar-codes or other ID tags, then responds accordingly by, for instance, summoning certain documens or files, going to predesignated places on the web, etc. this essentially means that you could have your entire file at your disposal via table-top link.

actually the idea of using bar codes has been around in the legal world for about 7 years (starting at giant firms and making its way down), and is catching on even faster these days due to the drop in prices and general loosening up at lawfirms.

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