Readers of this blog know that I want them to know that I know people like rising Web 2.0 star and fellow southwest-suburban lawyer Rick ‘there is no spoon’ Klau. Yes it’s no secret I admire what Rick is doing a little too much. Naturally many of you have asked what I do when I’m not busy sucking up to Rick. The answer is reading blogs about how to get rich on the Internet without really trying. So there I was one day looking for the next big thing and boom! Google buys FeedBurner. Cha-Ching! Now my course was clear: it was time to bask in reflected glory. I then set out to interview my friend Rick, VP at FeedBurner, who would remember me from … well I hoped Rick would remember me.

See it’s not what you know so much as who you know. After only 11 hours of research I was able to get in touch with Rick’s cleaning lady and ask her to put a note on the refrigerator for Rick’s driver to give his assistant who, with some cajoling, would pass it on to Rick or at least give him the gist of it. But even before Imelda put up the note Rick personally agreed to make this statement:

rick klau As Google’s new Strategic Partner Development Manager in charge of Content Acquisition I’m really excited but also still trying to find all the free food so I don’t have time to sit for an interview with … who did you say you were again? Never mind, check in with me once I’ve settled into the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA.

Now that’s class. And Rick, a deal’s a deal; I promise to stop calling your house.

All kidding aside though, best of luck Rick. Keep in touch as you and Google conquer the rest of the online world, and save a piece for us.

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