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Another feather in the cap of SmithBucklin Corporation, which earlier this year acquired Buffalo Grove-based Tech Image which was once again voted Best Boutique PR Agency for which to Work. The Tech Images Newsletter is published quarterly. The March issue discussed blogging and Tech Image had this to say on the topic:

Blogging – A Revolution or Just Another Channel

Ken Krause, Creative Director explores blogging from an agency view, including the question of whether the practice represents a challenge to traditional PR Services. The essay is full of basic questions and ideas many of which you’ll find yourself having thought of before – despite the fact that few members of our legal community have decided to take the plunge and put this new vehicle to work for them (reasons range from “liability” fears to the always-popular “I’m too busy to blog” excuse).

Social Computing & Customer Service PR

Tim Boivin, Director of Media Relations, write on the role blogging should play. As it happens, what he recommends is the opposite of the personal power-plays and soap-boxing that passes for “personal blogging” today.

The point is that in order to be meaningful blogs must consist of something other than personal pondering or fluff. Likewise they can’t simply consist of a random collection of thoughts. There has to be some strategy.

This Blog Believes

The legal profession is at-least 3 years behind the technology advancements other businesses are putting into daily use. One main reason is the choice of priorities in our industry. For lawyers, investing in infrastructure to take advantage of a changing market-place ranks right up there with root canal. But in our (vertical) market, unlike others, growth is a product of popularity and confidence, which comes (among other things) from winning cases. And lawyers assume that winning has nothing to do with having a technological advantage over apposing counsel. Besides, even if you did get that printer in 1989; if it ain’t broke why fix it?

This attitude couldn’t miss the mark any more. If nothing else, blogging is an extension of your marketing plan. That doesn’t mean you have to jump on every development minute by minute. But blogging has earned its reputation as a maker of … well, reputation. It is just dumb not to use a resources when it is freely available and available for free. Furthermore, you need to appreciate the fact that more and more your clients, your colleagues, judges, and the rest of our ‘audience’ expects at least some of the information they see and hear and read about to come from blogs. Will yours be among them?

Yet despite these facts, for some unfathomable reason the primary contingent of legal bloggers (they know who they are) continues to address other legal professionals as serfs; or worse, as peasants who will never rise to their status. This “King of the Hill” game is blatantly counter-productive. Sure it might mean something if your aim was to alienate your competition, but what a high price to pay … Of course if your practice is consumer-based [family law, immigration, etc.] it probably doesn’t matter what other lawyers think of you, right? Uh .. wrong.

By now you may have heard about a new legal site: What is Avvo? If you believe everything you hear then it is nothing but a “ranking system for attorneys” – something that Martindale-Hubbell already handles, thank you very much. Or is it? This blog got in the middle of that debate early one. Maybe before anyone. And we told our readers the real deal. We won’t repeat ourselves here. But the fact remains that Avvo represents just the kind of shot in the arm that we’ve here at the blog have been advocating for a long time. At long last a legal site that caters to … wait for it … consumers. Clients. Yeah, the people who hire us. Wow; bet you didn’t see that coming.

To sum up, every lawyer that ever worked the private practice side of the street knows that obtaining new (paying) clients is a constant challenge. And that has never been more true. Well, for our money blogging is the simplest way to get your message out, and it has the supplemental benefit of forcing us to deal with a basic marketing skill. Not to mention the fact that it teaches us to keep our mailing lists and client records updates [but we’ll save that discussion for another post].

Graphs Anyone?

Staying with the theme Mazy loves – graphs – we also wanted to also direct your attention to Masuda Funai’s Legal Updates

And Finally …

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently released its final regulation implementing its new filing fee structure. The new filing fees become effective on July 30, 2007.

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