welcome to the (immigration) jungle

I haven’t been blogging much the last week because I’ve been in Florida. Orlando to be exact. What am I doing here? A pilgrimage to the home of the Mouse perhaps? Actually, I’m here for the AILA  national conference; the shindig put on by the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association.  

So why am I here? Might as well ask why Greg Siskin and Matt Homan, both referenced at ABA TechShow 2007, are here. The answer is that immigration is hot, hot, hot right now as Congress debates a monumental overhaul in the law.  And as a newbie in the field I’ve found that there is much to cover.

One other thing I will offer on what appears to be my sudden change of heart when it comes to practice areas. After years of working in bedrock legal fields such as real estate, litigation, and bankruptcy, I’ve decided to look to rapidly expanding areas as immigration to spearhead the next phase of my practice: let’s call it a consolidation, because it looks to involve consolidating less productive areas of practice in favor of the more productive and unified federal practice areas such as bankruptcy and immigration.

Where this leads my practice remains to be seen, but I’ll say this: in the 1 ½ days that the AILA national meeting has been going on here, I’ve already come to feel as comfortable (more comfortable?) than I’ve been in a variety of other practice fields where I ought to have earned some respect. You know who you are.

I’ll be blogging more specifically and more seriously later on dear readers. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

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