jeez, you leave town for a week and …

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I was out of town last week at the AILA National Meeting. I just got back a couple of hours ago and decided to look in on my RSS feeds before hitting the sack. The first thing I saw when I flipped on my computer was: Defending Avvo’s Right to Provide Information and Guidance to Consumers. Seems Avvo is the subject of a class action suit brought (ostensibly) by a disgruntled lawyer. Hate to say “I told you so” but …

Look, there’s no telling what this plaintiff is really after (I’m sure that as he says it would just ruin his day if consumers weren’t able to get accurate information about him … I mean about lawyers); whatever his real agenda, Avvo has been handed a golden opportunity to expose the hypocrisy of so called “leaders” of our profession who claim to be helping the public and are really just helping themselves. And did I mention that this is just a dry run for the epic drubbing that is imminent from State Attorneys’ General, Bar Associations, State Supreme Courts, and entrenched commercial interests such as Westlaw (a/k/a Findlaw) and Lexis (a/k/a that are both backed by $billion parent companies? Did I mention that I told you so? Hey, when you took on this hornet’s nest I hope you guys at Avvo put on full protective gear because you’re going to need it.

Now just in case there is any doubt, let me be clear about my position and the position of this blog: if there is anything that this blog has stood for (and indeed should stand for) it is the right of Avvo to exist, to try its hand at bringing rationality to the legal marketplace, and – with any luck – to succeed. So let me be the first to volunteer my help in Avvo’s defense. I invite each and every reader to do to the same. Who’s willing to help keep this kind of transparent intimidation from sabotaging Avvo and like-minded companies from stepping up and trying to break the self-serving legal services stranglehold?

As I said before … Go Get ‘Em Guys! Now where do I sign up to help?

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