still more e-discovery advice (joy!)



e-discovery exhaustion: (noun) condition in which a lawyer would rather read about grandma’s bursitis than learn one more creative way in which they and their clients are going to hell if they can’t produce the CEO’s 1972 OTB records at the request of the next Erin Brokovich wanna-be looking to make a reputation and a fortune suing them in Federal court.



we feel your pain. but seriously, your e-discovery exhaustion aside this article in CIO Insight highlights just the right aspect of the e-discovery rabbit hole: it’s your client’s problem before it becomes yours so if they don’t’ keep good records your hands are tied. as stated in the article



companies can no longer claim that finding old e-mail and other documents is an unreasonable burden. … There is technology to manage this [kind of request], and companies have to comply … so companies should review their e-mail archiving strategies and deploy tools to make messages searchable [by establishing] cross-functional teams including legal, IT, finance, and appropriate lines of business to discuss information use and storage.



or your clients could choose not to prepare. It’s their choice after all.

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