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Attorney and legal blogger Carolyn Elefant wrote me to object to the way I portrayed her in this post, and to point out that she is as pro-Avvo as anyone! I had this to say

Dear Carolyn:

I applaud your open-minded position. Then again your message begins by characterizing me as a “supporter of Avvo,” meaning you have written me off as a partisan voice rather than a sound critic of the legal services market-place.  Does that make it easier to write off the points I make in my posts?

To set the record straight, I am glad to see Avvo make the scene, but would have been just as happy if Thomson, Lexis-Nexis, or ALM had done so first. But that wouldn’t fit in with their information oligopoly, would it? I mean, why promote efficiency when you profit from just the opposite? I’m sure that’s a lesson learned from the insurance, tobacco, and health care industries.

But maybe you can tell me why, despite the fact that you and others had a head-start of several years, a monopoly on readership, and now corporate sponsorship, not one of the major legal bloggers addressed the legal market-place mess? You never wondered why neither Thomson, Lexis-Nexis, nor ALM chose to do what Avvo has? It’s not as if they lacked the resources. But I guess asking the question means that I’m just the “pro-Avvo guy” as you indicate in your e-mail.

I am glad to see Avvo make the scene, but would have been just as happy if Thomson, Lexis-Nexis, or ALM had done so first. But that wouldn’t fit in with their information oligopoly … why promote efficiency when you profit from just the opposite? I’m sure that’s a lesson learned from the insurance, tobacco, and health care industries.

Let’s say that I can’t convince you that my position is an objective one, still there is this: the legal blogging elite has decided to be anti-Avvo and nothing will change that. All I’ve read is that Avvo must be bad because it is not 100% accurate — this despite the fact that the site uses information already in public sources and invites lawyers to add their own input. So much for keeping an open mind.

Finally, the real irony is that Avvo looks like the underdog while the legal bloggers are being bullies. I thought that as lawyers we were supposed to advocate and take on the challenging positions. What gives?

I look forward to whatever clarification you can offer, and I thank you for taking the time to write.

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2 responses to “my response to Carolyn Elefant regarding Avvo

  1. “Carolyn Elefant” the Hitler in our midst –
    A Warning in Time

    In the 1914-18 Great War, a war to end all wars, there was a little insignificant German L/Clp named Adolf Hitler who by the 20’s was a monster in the making.- A few were very aware of this but by the 30’s his following grew and so the Nazi party would become the ruling body and the ‘few’ in opposition or who could see the writing on the wall would become intimidated to the extent of death.- At this point in time history tells us what happens when the majority follow blindly a single person with a passion to dominate all before them.

    Does this ‘Warning in Time’ tell us anything?- If you go on any internet search engines and enter ‘Carolyn Elefant’ she is like a terrible rash, she is all over it, is that a bad thing you might ask.- Well look at the facts, she is telling the American legal profession how they should run their businesses, she is on every ‘Blog’ imaginable telling everyone how talented she is, click on the wrong button and there is a video of her talking the biggest load of crap imaginable and you can just see all her converts hanging on to every word she is saying.

    While in prison Adolf Hitler wrote the first half of his book ‘Mein Kampf’ although not well written it probably reached ‘Bible’ status amongst his followers.- “Snap”, Carolyn Elefant has a book aimed at her dedicated followers the ‘Solo’s’ and the rest who she is trying to get to go that way, appropriately titled “Solo by Choice” (it even comes ‘Gift’ wrapped). I did ask Attorney Chuck Newton if he carried Carolyn’s book to Church on Sundays and if he slept with it under his pillow at night as his new found ‘Bible’, as he never answered I assume he does.

    Numerous websites you go on there is Ms Elefant looking out at you or there are articles by her or on her, you just can’t get away from it but the “pièce de résistance” is her Myshingle.Com this is her personal ‘Court’ where she is Prosecutor as well as the Judge and her dedicated followers of that website are her Jury, let me prove this. After a struggle it became clear to Ms Elefant the defamatory content she had put on her website Myshingle.Com was false, for which she made no apology, she then followed it up with a “Post Removal” cleverly moving the blame away from herself and from the ‘Jury’s’ comments, presumably other lawyer Solos, they blindly followed this little Hitler regardless that she was guilty of an horrendous crime against an innocent person.

    Comments from Ms Elefants blind dedicated Myshingle lawyers Solos jury.
    Elizabeth – April 23, 2010 8:52 PM
    Wow – he is a piece of work! Based on his rhetoric, I don’t think you have to worry about anyone taking him too seriously, including the Washington State (?!) Bar Association.
    Good on you for owning up to the mistake, and condolences on having to deal with such an unpleasant person.

    Tom Crane – April 27, 2010 8:55 AM
    Good job, Carolyn. If you make a mistake, even if understandable, admit the mistake and move on. Its just good client relations skills.

    Vivian Rodriguez – April 26, 2010 7:13 AM
    Wow, indeed! Whatever happened to the messenger being responsible for delivering a clear message?

    Just one person (obviously not a Lawyer) voice of dissent and is a warning that should be heeded.
    Anne – April 27, 2010 11:03 AM
    Carolyn you have set yourself up as Judge, Jury and ‘executioner’ and when the accused protested his innocents you ignored his plea and insisted your punishment must stand (your www public humiliation). The “Manga Carta” signed by King John at Runnymede on the 15 June 1215 (No freeman shall be taken, or imprisoned, or disseized, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any way harmed–nor will we go upon or send upon him–save by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land) and was included in the United States Constitution, how come you have more powers than this ancient document and the United States Constitution?

    Carolyn Elefant, as an Attorney, knows that everybody is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, what she did was to troll the internet and what she found was an English Law Society Gazette reporting the actions of an English website, the Gazette only reported the facts and made no allegations but had it’s facts right. Carolyn Elefant didn’t like what she read and turned it into a vendetta by making her own personal outrageous allegations. Unfortunately Ms Elefant appears to suffer with dyslexia and she accused a different and totally innocent website and it’s author of extorting money out of English law firms.

    “A Warning in Time”? What happed in the late 30’s that led to WWII was Adolf Hitler’s invasion of other countries and his final refusal to withdraw from Poland. Well we have a similar scenario with Attorney Carolyn Elefant she is now invading England with her ‘Elefant Law’ and imposing her will in other countries and as we know in Adolf Hilter’s case, from the humble Acorn Mighty Oaks do grow! Unfortunately for him the Mighty Oak was felled but only after great damage had been done to the world. We do know from Ms Elefant’s own comments how large her ‘EGO’ is and I suppose could only be matched by that of a modern day Adolf Hitler.

    Even the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials of the late 40’s abided by the rules of you are innocent until found guilty “by the lawful judgment of your peers or by the law of the land”.- But Attorney Carolyn Elefany feels “…the law of the land” does not apply to her, this was Hitler’s and his Henchmen’s attitudes from the 30’s through to 1945 when it was brought to an end.- There is a similar attitude that Carolyn Elefant was not concerned about her facts being wrong which was the same as these war criminals.

    At this point it would be reasonable to ask the American Judiciary how they allow these Solo Hair Brain Wildcats freedom to set up websites (Myshingle.Com for one) and convict anybody they like on their faulty inaccurately gained evidence. I’m aware of ‘Freedom of Speech’ but that’s not a ‘free ticket’ to make false unsubstantiated outrageous accusations.

    The fact is Attorney Carolyn Elefant is a menace and there is no doubt there will be other websites like this one in the future for as she has already admitted this is not the first time she has made false allegations or ‘misinterpreted’ what has been written, how many more of these ‘Blinded Solos’ will follow her example of making false allegations!- I’m sure no Attorney from any of the larger American law firms would be allowed or even consider making these ‘Air-Brain’ allegation on the WWW as this ‘Solo’ Carolyn Elefant as done.- But of course let me quote her; “…a big law firm wasn’t big enough. Not big enough for my ego…”

  2. How thick can an American Lawyer be?
    In January 2010 US Attorney Carolyn Elefant read an article in the Law Society Gazette that clearly states “Rick Kordowski, who runs, told the Gazette…” from this Ms Elefant’s addled brain changed the suffix letters from to .com and on the 28 January she put a ‘Post’ in her blog Myshingle.Com with her own ‘spin’ of defamatory content against a different website and it’s author.- How can a supposedly internet wise Attorney who tells us she uploaded her own law firm’s website in 1995 and states “which I handcoded myself” who is also responsible for Myshingle.Com website, since 2003, make such a ‘basic’ error?

    Just over two months later on April 4, I sent Carolyn Elefant a email and the first line stated “I am the owner of “Solicitors from and it has come to my attention…” and signed it Brian R Gray. She is now aware of both websites and their prospective owners/Authors names. The email of April 4, made it clear she was making false allegations against me and my website (Brian Gray – Solicitors From Hell.Com).

    On April 8, Ms Elefant sends me an email and I understand after four days of investigation with clear details in the Gazette and my email this ‘internet wise’ Attorney could not identify “” from “.com” or tell the difference between Rick Kordowski and Brian Gray.- I wrote a second email to Ms Elefant on April 9, telling her in no uncertain terms she was making false accusations and in the first paragraph made clear my name once more, which she already knew from previous email exchanges, but this was all to no avail as she could not see the problem.

    Around April 24, Attorney Chuck Newton informed Ms Elefant about her horrendous mistake and what did she say in her ‘Post Removal’ “Despite the emails from Gray, I couldn’t figure out my error…”- Now come on this is a US Attorney who is telling the www “I was a lawyer ahead of schedule…” and she comes up with the excuse “I was confused”.- How the hell does she get any clients and for them to have any faith in her when she can’t tell her arse from her elbow?

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