meet your next Associate …


To: Partners, Professors, Deans, Members of the Legal Establishment

From: Your Future

Re: Your Next Associate or other Hire



First, congratulations are in order. You’ve managed a masterwork of social engineering, keeping law students and young lawyers under your collective thumbs for 200 years (give or take). No easy feat.



Second, kudos on using the time-honored pyramid-scheme/MLM techniques that pass for a business model in law firms around America. Even we in the Future didn’t think that Clients, Law Schools, Law Students, and the rest of the population could be fooled for that long. Just goes to show what we know.



Finally, we salute your never give-up, never-give-in, never-think-things-through attitude. Who says you need to change with the times? Let the times change with you, we say!



But just in case any of you actually becomes aware of this post (and why would you — you don’t need or care a fig about blogs), we thought we would introduce you to Charlie … he’s smart, agile, mobile, and demanding. Uh … maybe we spoke too soon about that ‘congratulations’ thing. We’ll get back to you on that.




Your Future

P.S. Send money. We don’t make nearly as much as you used to …

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