the only thing worse than being talked about …

… is not being talked about.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde (19th Century Irish blogger — back then it was just called writing)

With that truism in mind, here are 2 things that I thought I would never say

1. Dennis Kennedy mentions your humble narrator in this post on his blog
2. Robert Ambrogi mentions me in this post from the blog network

Now, there is no such thing as bad publicity, and far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth, but … both of these esteemed legal bloggers were just listing me as a participant in that podcast I did last week. Kind of a grudging, ‘I had to mention him’ kind of thing. But thanks for taking the time to mention my name and all. By the way, the correct spelling is H-e-d-a-y-a-t.

Oscar would be proud.

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One response to “the only thing worse than being talked about …

  1. Why concerned – being mentioned or acknowledged by the “Peers” with this “elite” group. I thought the purpose of blogging was addressing an audience on issues or ideas related too the readers. Commentary that generally might not get the “published” tag which seems so important too this group.

    This sector loves looking polished, yet they watch their own business fall prey to a two-class system. {Juris – nows becomes part of LX network, subscribtion increase?} Get the attention of the “Paying” clients, +70% of Legal bloggers are concerned with the alignment of other Legal bloggers – Lawyer to Lawyer. I suppose you send each other bills….

    I think you should go for a different call-sign – something totally off-the-hook. Push the limits of comical adversting
    use your heritage, this is suppose to be informative and fun.

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