litigation articles available free online from

Jul 19, 2007: a comprehensive and growing collection of articles for mobile litigators was published by under the title Litilaw. Litilaw currently consists of 500+ CLE-style articles and is heralded by the company as the largest collection of free advanced litigation articles on the Internet. The articles are organized into more than 30 substantive and procedural categories including


  • Antitrust
  • e-Discovery
  • Health Care
  • Litigation Support
  • Tax

The collection is also text-searchable and all articles are available as full-text PDF downloads. Each article comes with a description including a summary, the year presented, the author, and the number of pages.


About Lexbe
Lexbe provides litigation support services to practitioners nationwide through Lexbe Online and Lexbe Digitization. Lexbe Online is a web-based case analytics and document management application. A fully-functional 30-day free trial is available for new clients and can be set up online in minutes. Lexbe Digitization offers a broad array of scanning, file conversion, PDF, OCR, e-discovery, and various other kinds of document digitization services. For more information or to schedule a demonstration contact Gene Albert at or call Lexbe toll free 1-800-401-7809.



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