Dance around the issue…..

A recent Techno Lawyer response by Steven A. Loewy addressing Dennis Kennedy’s 2007 predictions prompted this cup of coffee:

Thought process? Let’s review that, each product induced commentary reflects a market condition (old news), but if these esteemed columnist(s) had any real concerns about what may or may not happen and quit treating there “illusionary” position with gospel type columns, ensuring no-one is offended an call-out the issues as they really are….

1. Decline in use of Blackberry – no brainer: show me any technical gadget that actually stays current more than 3 years or has no competition. The issue that should be addressed is “USAGE among Legal personal”. Promoting the wireless environment and the inherent lack of vision in small firms that fail to implement it. Large firms IT departments have to support how many different toys…..

2. More users of Mac – again the issue should be a calling out of Legal software vendors on not addressing the platform.

3. Electronic Discovery for small firms – again calling out both the industry and practitioners. ED like most legal packages is not geared for small firms because no-one would spend the money to buy it. The break down runs a parallel as in choosing a case – the ability to pay. Small firms/Solos are locked out of technology for that basic reason. Manufactures see no financial gain in supporting you. Unlike any other vertical, your own peers show you no competitive reason why you would adopt or use any of it. If so, would they actually tell you?

4. Yellow pages v. web pages – nothing challenging, why not address the “content” or creative approaches one can or cannot take. The machine in place (ethics/advertisement) does not allow for the creative separation among competitors. Bland imagery clouds the user’s experience; just bring up any evaluation tool that a “CLIENT” or potential Client could use in choosing representation and the dragon beast awakens. For the last couple of years a major complaint I hear among small firms/solo’s – that vendor put the screws to me. That’s just great it’s everybody else’s fault but yours. You’re still carrying that dead weight around from being sold a copy machine. And let’s face facts – you were SOLD period. Our own editor recalls his past experience. Salesperson must have been a shark. Please – if you done your homework, which includes a complete review of “your” capabilities plus a honest evaluation of the value change in your infrastructure “could” make you money or simply put “hired” an independent consultant too field through the options of any vendors abilities half of these nightmares would have been avoided. But sense your ego rules most of your decisions you will continually stay in this cycle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for your client that’s what they pay for. It just might be what is holding your own “business” back….

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