Log Me In — free remote access to your computer

Log Me In is a free remote access tool that has upgrades all the way to Pro that can handle everything from PC’s to servers.

Has anyone used this? If so, let me know what you think of it.


View your Home or Office Security System
from your Internet-Enabled PDA or PDA-Phone!


3 responses to “Log Me In — free remote access to your computer

  1. OK, LogMeIn is a good tool, but there are some downsides:
    1. The free version isn’t right for remote technical support, because it needs installation which gives extra headache.
    2. They have a special version for remote tech support, but it cost $129 a month, and this is quite a sum for such a service.
    With a Remote Support Tool such as Techinline Remote Desktop — I won’t have such issues. And you pay only $20 a month for unlimited use, or $40 for 20 session.
    You’ll only need an internet connection and a browser. No need to install anything on your PC. And right away you’ll have a ready-to-use remote desktop access environment. You can easily use it to get access to Remote Support. And no fuss about…

  2. I loved TechInLine. It was lightweight, had a nice interface, and was super simple to use. I actually use Proxy Network’s remote access software, but used TechInLine before that. LogMeIn was a little steep , especially since there are so many great free products out there.

  3. i feel that technical line will be the better because we can learn more

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