e-Discovery Team – putting responsibility where it should be

In our effort too find valuable content not just impromptu ramblings, we do come across sites/authors that need to be highlighted.  Such is the case with:

  e-Discover Team & Ralph Losey

A Florida attorney,{Gator fan} that really put some solid effort
in developing a site written so a wide range of visitors, not just
lawyers, but even I can appreciate and understand.

What stands out is the Team Mission Statement
“Assist companies routinely involved in litigation to establish
an e-discovery readiness team.” 
A true business model that
blends client relations with expert advice an a purpose of
Self Responsibility.

Legal Bloggers for the most part focus on other lawyers or
legal counsel to agree with them on certain positions/opinions.
Why is there such separation between addressing peers and clients?
Not to be rude, but who is paying the bills?

Storage solution providers in Chicago have expressed interest in
working a consultant agreement with a firm or “Team” that can
assist addressing this e-Discovery issue.  Corporations they
support see the need where Corporate Counsel and IT needs to
be on the same page.

With over 2,000 members, why someone within DCBA has not picked up on this baffles me.  The focus should development of a partnership where the target is Fortune 500 an not each other.

One response to “e-Discovery Team – putting responsibility where it should be

  1. Thanks for the blog and recognition of what we are doing. It is a new approach in the e-discovery field, along the lines of teaching a person to fish, instead of selling a fish.

    Most of the law firms with e-discovery expertise are like fish salesman: they ask for big fees and costs to handle the e-discovery problems for the client, one case (fish) at a time. Many e-discovery vendors do the same thing. They convince the client that fishing is something only they can do.

    The clients are starting to wake up, but it is a surprisingly slow process. Most are still asleep wondering why their legal fees are so high. They are used to “letting George do it.” And George can sound so convincing. But can they afford that any longer? Is “George” really that good at it to begin with? Does this fish stink?

    They may get it, they may realize the situation stinks, but not know what to do about it. If they do figure out that they should fish for themselves, they still do not know how to do it. It is not impossible, but it is not easy either. They need help to learn how.

    That is where the new paradigm in legal services comes in that I, and a few others in the profession, are starting to offer and promote. IMO – clients need to be empowered; they need to be helped so they can fish for themselves. The old paradigm is too expensive for clients, and anyway often fails. They win the case, but at what cost? But, sorry I am beginning to ramble, rant and repeat.

    Thanks again for the mention; I had not seen your blog before, but will be watching from now on.

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