great conversations: Google + cellphone = your ears for sale





gPhone homescreen ... or is it?My colleague and fellow Enterprise 2.0/Law 2.0 enthusiast Scott Gavin had a recent exchange on Pownce regarding the rumored Google Phone (gPhone if you will) and ultimately I noted the following (and I stand by my analysis) to wit: Come on, it’s Google. They can do anything. The question is merely when, where, why, at what price point, etc. Plus, Google is famous for giving value in exchange for little or nothing (mostly for nothing). Their secret? No secret at all — it’s the television model; make the vendors (advertisers) pay. The real question is whether the ad-supported TV-style model will successfully deliver low-cost (free?) handsets and phone service; that is, whether targeted ads that rely on Google’s patented magic algorithms, and micro-payments via your Google phone (they’re securing a patent for such payments even now), will result in sufficient quality and feature sets to capture a respectable portion of the market and make the venture worthwhile. And if not, hey it’s Google. They have more money available to lose than all the other companies in their industry … combined.

my man Scott in kick ass shades

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