gPhone – is it really about the Phone?

“micro-payments via your Google phone (they’re securing a patent for such payments even now), will result in sufficient quality and feature sets to capture a respectable portion of the market and make the venture worthwhile”

Simple position Maz, however you should finish the story line…you think its about the phone? Your looking at the beginnings of a classic
“lost leader” marketing campaign. Hardware, who cares…


The patent they seek, birth child to revolutionize mobile computing.

gPal: do for mobile users, what “PayPal” did for users period.

The real question – will they develop this platform for proprietary use
(mobile OS company Android, Google acquired 2005)or open this up to licensing. Google has a flag ship, but their re-fitting the ship with
application tools. This follows the model Microsoft crafted from the
beginning, create the OS and applications, use the hardware manufactures as your distribution channel for quick acceptance in a market place.

Take a look at BlackBerry Alliance Program or emoze, subsidiary of Emblaze Group, whose software in effect “Black-Berry-izes” any mobile device. Hardware has a shelf life.

For those looking ahead, .mob domain game has started, it will take a few years (better than the current Real Estate mess) I personally jumped in buying: DUI.mob and DUILawyer.mob, of course these names would made more sense to service providers that have data bases of attorneys regardless of where you at. Let’s face it your allowed a phone call….

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