Women still overlooked, How?

A colleague of mine {like in your face} could not resist forwarding me this interesting piece on the mind set of Tech companies toward women.

This perspective seems magnified when applied to the Legal field. If I’m mistaken in July a seminar has held for all New Practicing Attorneys in DuPage an the attendance was dominated by women. You would think these same Legal Service companies would address this by directing their hiring practices in focusing on this growth. But have they?
After chewing part of my ear off {not like that’s new) Jeannie quickly turned her attention to this blog:“What are you doing too address the needs of Women Lawyers?” Her stance on Female participate in any process can put most men on the defense quickly. Once you get past the fire, you begin to understand her compassion. The alarming rate at which women leave the profession is of note, reasons for leaving, sends her into orbit. (If you head in the direction of raising a family, being inside a tank won’t save you)

In response to her request, {polite demand} I attempted too seek out additional sources for Women Lawyers, but was surprised by the lack of true connecting points:

MS.JD – Changing the Face of the Legal Profession

American Bar Association has a directory list by state devoted to Women

So please, save me the 2nd round beating an forward us some additional sites we can pass along. Men are from Mars, we’re pretty content with that…..

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