we ARE the web/the web is US




If someone told you in 1945 you could sit in Boise and read a book in Jakarta … would you believe them? Or condemn them?
It’s 2008 … what do we do with people, ideas, and forces we can’t understand today?

The core concept behind the Web – hyperlinked pages – was articlated in 1945. The theory of linking information electronically to achieve a greater overall effect was applied (unsuccessfully) in 1965. Two years later the ARPAnet was born when the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA) counselled that a series of information nodes would be more bomb-proof than a single super-repository.  The bomb never went off, and the ARPAnet was eventually used to speed research between Universities with unlimited budgets. It took another 30 years for for a student from the University of Illinois to bring forth Netscape. For those of you counting, that’s 50 years from concept to reality. The rest you can read here in one of the most remarkable articles I’ve see in a while.

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