Silicon Prairie 2007 … the first of many?

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Our hero … master of all he surveys?


Last night I went to the Silicon Prairie Social here in the Lisle, Naperville area. The event was the first of its kind for the south suburbs of Chicago, and maybe for the suburbs, period; although this kind of thing has been common in the city since the first dot com go-round … you know, back in the day when the bubble (shhh! don’t say ‘bubble’) was at its peak in 2000-2001. The event could be seen as a local attempt to reproduce the creative and financial heat emanating from free-form industry get-togethers on the left coast (San Jose, Palo Alto, a/k/a Silicon Valley); the idea being that a slick, suited venture capitalist can mingle at one of these events with the kid who just built the next great application or gizmo in his garage (Mr. Hewlett meet Mr. Packard). One salient difference between last night and those other programs; this was blissfully local and ridiculously convenient (seriously, I would attend every shindig if it were this close). In addition to potentially meeting the business partner of your dreams, last night featured for your drinking and dining enjoyment:


  • beer (lots and lots of beer)
  • a tiny amount of food (hint, hint organizers)
  • games that involve joysticks (you know what I mean)
  • an X-Box 360 give-a-way
  • Ron May of the vaunted and maligned May Report
  • awesome weather (take that global warming!)


Ron May wants seconds, baby!


Local heroes and part-time lawyers Eric Waltmire and Evan Brown were there as well. Eric I saw in person. Evan was there by reputation ….

Eric Waltmire

Eric Waltmire says ‘There’s nothing wrong with a man wearing a purple tie.



Evan Brown takes a break at Silicon Prairie from jamming on Halo 3! Jam on!


family, della, parsia, silicon prairie 015


The evening started out pretty well, but then …


family, della, parsia, silicon prairie 020


turned into a p-a-r-t-e-e ’til dawn!


In short, it was great fun and I encourage everyone to seek out the next event (there should be one soon). Naperville tech crowd, get down with your bad selves. Silicon Prairie organizers, good job. Let’s do the next one in association with the DCBA practice management committee. Beer is still on you, though. 😉




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