LexisNexis: Payment Processing with PCLaw

Payment Processing, Inc., (PPI) an industry leader in integrated
transaction processing, has announced an alliance with LexisNexis.
The deal will integrate PPI PayMover, PPI’s proprietary payment
gateway, with Lexis Back Office, powered by PCLawTM.

Currently Law firms accomplished this by a 3rd party.  In itself
creating an additional administrative task.  With this annoucement
we turned the question of intergration with PCLaw over too Craig
Bayer, Law Office Technology:

“More and more firms are accepting Credit Cards and therefore
Lexis added the ability for firms to process payments for clients
and input them into PLClaw in one easy step.  This will only work
with PCLaw 9.0.  I could go on and on about how great it is, but
just watch this 3 minute Video

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