Adobe acquires Virtual Ubiquity







BuzzWord from Virtual UbiquityEvery so often we actually come pretty close to hitting that home run when bringing new ideas to our readers. Such was the case with this post. Through a series of happy coincidences, we ran across an application called BuzzWord from a company called Virtual Ubiquity. And just as fortuitously we asked them if they had considered sharing their superb online word-processor with professionals such as lawyers. Management said that they were concentrating exclusively on the student market. Sly dogs; what they meant was that once they were bought by Adobe (the announcement came out a few days after we spoke) there would be no need to look any further. Their path would be clear. And so it is. So what do you care? The fact is that online, so-called “virtual” applications are becoming as main stream as desktop software. A perfect example is sales mainstay, the top tool in its field, and entirely virtual. Frankly, even if you can’t make the connection or appreciate the benefit of such software now, Adobe can and that means you’ll be seeing virtual software for lawyers at this year’s ABA Tech Show. Just my guess. But I’d bet on it. And as in most cases, being bought by an established player (Microsoft, Adobe, what have you) is your ticket to the dance. So welcome to the party, BuzzWord. As if to bring home the point, this morning I received a email on my iPhone












From: Tad Staley
Date: October 1, 2007
We’re stepping out of our cycle of more-or-less monthly updates to share some exciting news with you. At Adobe’s annual MAX conference this morning, it will be announced that Adobe has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Virtual Ubiquity. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of the year. You can read more on this at our blog, or go to the Adobe site to view the press release and the FAQ, but rest assured that Buzzword will continue uninterrupted by this turn of events. Your documents will remain safe, accessible and secure on your Buzzword account, which will continue to operate as usual. (However, as you’ll read on our blog, we have also secured rights to, which will provide the exact same access as our current web address). This is a great day for Virtual Ubiquity, and for Adobe. Thanks for helping us make Buzzword a ground-breaking application.

In short, online applications and collaborative software tools need to be part your business armory. Miss them and you miss possibly the biggest productivity surge since computers, period. Remember, Toshiba released the notebook computer with the goal of replacing the desktop; and have very nearly succeeded in many fields. Now mobile utilities such as smartphones, PDAs, blackberries, and virtual software, are expanding the connected world beyond voice. And finally, Adobe posted this…




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