Blogging vs Published

Jessie Seyfer, {} has a posting that needs some
reviewing by members still formulating opinions about
what a blog: could, should, would do for your business.
But does it carry the same weight among peers, as say Published.

Lawrence Solum, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law points out some ideas an perceptions that in itself goes beyond
the scholar world.

Was it not only a few months ago our very own DCBA addressed
creating a blog and now our current President is planning on
developing a blog: Commission on Professionalism

We for one are eager too support this blog.  Utilizing this
tool through out the Bar Membership is the simplest safest
introduction to blogs.  The beauty, contents are geared
for “local” members an Commission activity.  But the ultimate
exposer to Bar Association(s) across the country, leads an example
of how this can and should be used at a committee level.

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