News Flash … Google buys Jaiku … legal community confused






Ed. Note: I sense a great disturbance in the force … a million lawyers asking ‘what the hell does that mean?’
Google has shown us the future, and it is in moblogging, I mean microblogging, I mean smart phones … whatever. The search giant bought teeny weeny Twitter competitor Jaiku this week. What is Twitter? What is Jaiku? What the hell am I talking about? First take a look at this post, then read the breaking news on Twittown. Then take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning, because you’ve officially been outrun by technology used primarily by 12 year olds. Yeah … it’s like that.



One response to “News Flash … Google buys Jaiku … legal community confused

  1. First, like all Google activities the official announcement as to what they really plan to do will not be released until at least Jan 08. What it does do is cement the .mobi format.

    Your correct Maz, the confusion will start. The first sign of this will be when Lawyers begin too grasp the fact iPhone should be taken seriously as a business device. Not today so much, rather in the coming months with next generation upgrades:

    * direct Exchange connections for email
    * better web browser
    * Seamless network connections

    But please don’t think for one minute any of this is going to effect Legal Software Manufactures, they don’t even address having a MAC…..

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