what is docstoc.com?

Today I spoke with Jason L. Nazar, CEO of tiny L.A. Web 2.0 startup Docstoc.com. So what is Docstoc? Well, it’s a few things …

1. docstoc is


  • a small web 2.0 startup in L.A.
  • a recipient of first round venture funding
  • anointed by Web 2.0 king-maker TechCrunch
  • a favorite on Technorati a/k/a Web 2.0 flavor of the month
  • a repository for professional documents
  • an aspiring community site for professionals
  • funded in part by a MySpace founder
  • strikingly similar to the site I developed last year and described here

2. docstoc is not the only document sharing site (that distinction could arguably go to google docs or scribd.com)

See for yourself and stay tuned for invitations to the ongoing private beta test

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