your future partner is already pissed off

LMAO (laughed my ass off) when I saw this one. You may have read about the ‘associate salary’ debate. No? Let me fill you in. Turns out about 1% of graduating 3L’s receive first year salaries in the neighborhood of $165K. I’ll give you a moment to think that through. Good. Now keep in mind that this privileged group comes for the most part from the elite law schools. Here’s the thing, though — its those very sons and daughters of privilege who are complaining about excessive associate salaries! Yes folks, the End-Times are upon us. Stanford lawyers are out to save the world. We’re doomed.



To begin with, Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession, a student group, puts out a popular blog promoting ‘change’ at law firms (details withheld). That noble cause is inturn spurred by the legendary burn-out rate of associates at big firms. Even a recent ABA Journal piece by Scott ‘I’m a Zillionnaire’ Turrow reflects this open secret and curses the billable hour (‘out, out, damn spot’). Wait … long hours you say? Graduating in the top 10% of my class doesn’t automatically get me one of those high salaries their passing around? And where’s my bonus, dammit?

Say hello to your next ‘partner.’ Want to hear more? Let me fill you in on these 3 hilarious Q&A exchanges. Enjoy!


Q: so now what? what’s the point of all this? A: we created building a better legal organization in the hopes of encouraging law firms to reform their practices……..(Change, oh like e-filing)


Q: but what do we have to do with this? we’re not even at a firm yet. A: that’s exactly the point. as law students, we still have leverage to encourage reform……by choosing firms based on, billable hour expectations, pro bono, demographic diversity……..{ someone should inform them the largest group of potential employee’s are currently in Law Schools across this country}


And my Favorite…..

Q: it seems like you guys are pretty anti-firm. A: not at all. in fact,….. . we’re trying to fix precisely those issues which drive out so many young associate. but firms won’t change on their own. {Hence the status Managing Partner}


The truly surprising factor is that a concept change alone could potentially solve the problem. And it’s not as if the subject’s never been addressed. Hell, small firms and solo’s are the fallout of big-law slavery. What these do-gooders ought to be doing is proffering an actual solution. You know, empowering the latest crop of graduates to be successful by taking responsibility for their own destiny … or suffering the consequences.

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