DCBA Members – it’s your blog…

How about a local fund raiser too kick-off this election season. Those of you sitting on the sidelines or closet Republicans, the next big event is upon us.

David John Diersen, GOPUSA Illinois Editor, was kind enough to pass along the link for Oktoberfest 2007, Oct 26th @ The Carlisle in Lombard.

DuPage County judicial candidates JOHN DEMLING, BLANCHE FAWELL, DOROTHY FRENCH, JOHN KINSELLA, RONALD MENNA, and RICK STOCK have been invited, no word on who will accept an attend……
Ralph Losey @ eDiscover Team got a little creative this weekend. He totally believes Sherlock Holmes would be leading the charge in “Forensic Evidence”
Craig Bayer @ Law Office Technology Blog – still hurting from the Kentucky defeat – “Occasionally the Treo 750 can enter a state where sounds are lost for phone calls and notifications. Fix those Audio alerts….
Mazyar Hedayat is getting over run with Immigration requests. He is looking for some help. Not like you don’t know him, give him call….
Is your office going “Green” Environmental Friendly. You may be unaware but with new regulations putting your old computer equipment on the curb is not part of the plan. LPM is working w/ Sharon Conte of B-Best.org and e-Rescue program in removing equipment for proper disposal. Stay tune for updates…….
Still waiting on pictures from the recent Young Lawyers Committee after hours last Thursday. Make plans next month too attend……
Vice Chair Christa Schneider – christaminnie@yahoo.com
Keith Chval @ Protek International – new member an Brief Advertiser has agreed to step forward an provide some posts on eDiscovery. Obviously, a seminar would be in order. So your input is needed basically would you attend?
Thought about taking a shot a blogging? This blog is yours. Unlike most where the author is looking for independent appeal, Mazayar Hedayat’s total intent was to share this technology with everyone @ DCBA Bar. We have no real guide lines to what we will or won’t post, common sense prevails. But why go it alone, send us some content and .jpg of yourself or firm, we’ll throw it up there and see what happens. This is a marketing tool, we already have developed a growing readership. We monitor the tracking reports everyday seeing where they came from, what they read, what they clicked-through on their journey. Start here before investing your valuable time and hard earned dollars.

Knowingly, Adobe page gets the most attention. Mr Middleton gets us the current updates for webinars and downloads. Mr Bornstein, who is based here in Schaumburg, heads Adobe’s Legal Sector, being the National Rep who cris-crosses the country attending Legal Seminars has expressed an interest in doing a presentation for DCBA. However, we need to prove there would be an attendance.

LPM Committee has developed numerous relationships with a wide-range of technology providers right here in DuPage. We even have TOP distributors recommending TOP VARs (Value Added Resellers) too address your growing needs. Don’t want to talk to Sales People fine, let us help you focus on your plans within budget. The committee was formed to not only help you identify new technology but obtain it without getting over-run by slick promises. And each of you have a horror story about that……

Most blogs run by groups or organizations is intended to address it’s membership. LPM’s intent is to help you address the world. Our readership from around the world would like to see if the members of DCBA embrace this, many of your own peers are looking for a simple entry…..drop us line.

John Feeney supporting LPM Committee since June 05′

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