Denise Howell needs your support…

Denis Howell

Denis Howell, noted Legal blogger, who basically has pioneered the opportunity for other Legal bloggers with her listing @ could use some support from the legal community by visiting ZDNet blog and not only reading or commenting, but the check the vote box. By doing this you support the effort of bringing her blogs post forward among the numerous Tech/Gaget/IT related stories.

Recently we have notice a surge in online IT publications addressing the common issue of Piracy/DRM. Much needed education is required when addressing this issue, “Fair Use” is bundled right along with it.

The opportunities for Law Firms is opening up, exposing readers to “REAL” authoritative sources in translating Copy Rights, Digital Rights Management can only benefit the Legal Sector as a whole.

I just wish someone would point RIAA or MPAA toward the International Disc Duplicators Association(IDDA), and leave the downloading soccer-moms along. The real pirates are laughing at them, my competitors, who would print/duplicate/package/distribute anything.

Show your support for a fellow attorney


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