newsgator+sharepoint=enterprise rss?


Courtesy of author Kristen Nicole at Mashable! (the Mentos of blogs – it’s the ‘Fresh-Maker’) comes this piece of enterprise 2.0 goodness … seems web 2.0 and the enterprise may finally be taking that tentative first step towards one another. And to prove the point, RSS darling NewsGator (my personal fav) has incorporated support for Microsoft Sharepoint, Among Other Upgrades.

NewsGator announced that the Social Sites add-on for its enterprise server edition, which allows employees to interact, share news, search for items, and generally keep up with what’s going on in the company,
will henceforth be available for business use. Also included in the launch is support for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and 3.0. NewsGator also recently launched its Facebook application to allow non-enterprise users to sort of do the same thing (kind of).

Office 2007



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