facebook worth $15 billion … suckers!


News Flash As further confirmation that the Internet is nothing but a haven for pederasts and that social networks are useless child’s-play (opinions expressed by managing partners and chief judges in every law firm and courthouse in America), Microsoft paid $240 million for a 1.6% stake in facebook – the social network we told you about here. For your math majors, that values facebook at about $15 billion (yes … billion with a ‘b’). The two companies conducted a press conference on October 24 along the lines of this press release. Microsoft beat out rival Google for the privilege.

Stay Tuned for gripes, complaints, whining, and general antitrust sentiment from the losers in the social networking race, expressed through armies of even whinier, more annoying, lawyers. If that doesn’t stop the onslaught of progress then expect the last resort of all things slow and tedious – legislators who still think the whole ‘inter-nets’ fad will pass … like Coca Cola, methamphetamine, and rap music.


One response to “facebook worth $15 billion … suckers!

  1. Whinier? the concept you express of partners, etc..has been shared by Corporate America for sometime. The main culprit: if you can’t take advantage of it, what value does it have?

    One discussion we entered into, will the new onslaught of advertisement on Facebook force users to move onto other vehicles. Convincingly the report is yes. MS has made the first move in addressing Social Networks, over paid maybe, but no-one really knows at this point. The point is do other(s) like LinkedIn now come into play.

    Billion(s) shows how silly people are…..

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