Avvo Update – Answers and Track Record



On December 11 attorney aggregator Avvo launched Avvo Answers, a Q&A forum similar to the popular Q&A section on LinkedIn (the business person’s MySpace). Avvo Answers brings questions from the public to lawyers for free. Simple. Effective. Just the way it should be. I’ve tried Avvo Answers, and it works as advertised. No new clients to report yet, but the possibility is there, and I believe in Avvo’s ability to deliver … eventually.


The same day it launched it’s Answers feature Avvo also launched Track Record, another free service – this one is an enhancement to your profile (the page that features you as an attorney). Track Record is an easy way to showcase your work by pointing to actual cases and the outcomes they achieved for clients. Again, I’ve tried it and I’m satisfied. Like all of the features on Avvo the Track Record is easy to work with and intuitive.


According to founder and CEO Mark Britton, both of the new features were meant to create and foster a greater sense of community among attorneys and prospective clients (or, as Avvo refers to them over and over again – consumers). We get it already, Mark. But remember, not all attorneys are involved with personal injury or med-mal. Some of us do business with the growing SMB (small business) market too. Sure they’re consumers, but not “consumers” if you know what I mean. But I digress …


So the question is, do these features actually foster community by connecting clients in search of answers with eager lawyers? Will Avvo be eHarmony for lawyers, making matches even a mother could love? Well, maybe. That is, if the attorneys in the audience managed to stop whining about potential liability from people they’ve never met long enough to read their questions and give an honest answer. Or maybe, if the people who needed help were willing to step out of the cyber-shadows. Or better yet, if both contingents were willing to stop distrusting one another long enough to form some relationships … not necessarily “Attorney-Client” relationships, but relationships nonetheless.


Hey, what a good idea. Let’s try interacting with people. That could work. Thanks, Avvo.


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