10 Ways to Get the Most from Acrobat

Digested from Top 10 Little-Known Tips for Lawyers Who Use Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional by Roy Greenberg published December 4, 2007 in TechnoLawyer’s TechnoFeature – a free weekly newsletter containing in-depth articles written by leading legal technology and practice management experts. Subscribe for free here. See also the AcroLaw blog by Rick Borstein

  1. Use the snapshot tool instead of attaching the whole document to your next e-mail message
  2. Navigate using thumbnails instead of going page-by-page; send documents as thumbnails too
  3. Use bookmarks to flag signature pages (and other notable places
  4. Replace pages in a PDF document without starting from scratch
  5. Incorporate comments directly onto PDFs so readers can easily see their context
  6. Print marked-up documents and rescan them as new PDFs so viewers can’t ‘undo’ changes
  7. Use the ‘Organizer’ feature in Adobe to create special folders for frequently e-mailed PDFs
  8. Turn web pages into PDFs and send instead of a link (the PDF retains full functionality!
  9. Use the built-in ‘pencil’ tool as a highlighter – works on any document!
  10. Turn PDF documents into forms using the Typewriter tool or Form Recognition tool

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