Web 1.0 officially over …

Netscape Navigator - R.I.P.
R . I . P .
The ARPAnet of the 60’s gave rise to the academic research sharing of the 70’s and subscription-based online services of the 80’s (CompuServe anyone?). The Internet evolved again in 1995 when Tim Berners Lee taught a generation to use hypertext markup language and gave us those pretty pictures we came to know as the Web; but it was the collaboration of 2 University of Illinois students that made the Internet America’s sweetheart, and their product came to be known as the Netscape Navigator. In 1997 Netscape’s coming out party was the IPO that launched a thousand dot-com fortunes. Naturally it was heresy when AOL, the Soccer-Mom’s Internet, bought Netscape, but it’s downright disappointing that AOL is now pulling the plug on Navigator altogether. Guess this means that web 1.0 a/k/a the dot com era, is officially over.bonus: Firefox, the open-source heir to the Navigator empire, has become the de facto standard for those who refuse to fork over one more penny to the bastards at Microsoft. Hey Gates, this is one $ you won’t be getting.

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