welcome to the pm blog

The Law Practice Management Blog was never gifted with a catchy title. Too long to be a catch-phrase. Too short to be a motto. Never rolled off the tongue. For the last year or so it’s had a healthy run as the practice management blog, but as 2008 rises up to meet us the time seems right to rechristen ourselves with a hip new name … all the cool kids are doing it … so from now on please refer to us simply as the pm blog. Hey, at least we’re not going with a symbol or something …

Hope you like. 🙂

One response to “welcome to the pm blog

  1. Nice touch, I know of 2 others that stopped by..

    Law Office Technology

    Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center

    Louisiana has an Incumbent Worker Training Program which provides $3000 of training per employee during the fiscal year. (Louisiana Fiscal Year runs July 1st to June 30) Law Office Technology is in the process of becoming a certified trainer for this program. This will mean that training for Amicus, PCLaw, HotDocs, Worldox and other software can be provided for free.

    With this January weather a trip too New Orleans now for software training would be
    nice. Something about crawfish and football. Michigan beat the Gators, Illini showed
    up, [they show a future], LSU could take control of College Football by winning. However,
    Ohio State has been in the title game an won. This Alabama fan is still hurting from
    the fade….

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