IBM believes in Web 2.0 so should you…

IBM/Lotus hopes to set the tone for enterprise
social-networking software with Lotus Connections,
a set of server-based services that can run within
the new Notes 8 client or be integrated with other

Businesses want Web 2.0 tools, they see how much
time consumers have spent browsing Facebook and
MySpace, where they interact with friends.  The
basis of any relationship starts with communication.

Facebook and MySpace does not fit your culture….

Forrester analyst Jeremiah Owyang, compiled a list
of some up-coming vendors looking to capitalize on
this trend.

65% business professionals use personal and
professional social networking web sites.

47%use networks to connect with potential
clients and market their skills.

55%use them to share best practices with

Still a little vague on Social Networks?  Glen Allsop
has a recent post @

15 Fundamental Truths about Social Media Marketing.

Well worth the read…

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