Video used right – Red Light Running Enforcement

  You want compelling video – watch this site.

RedSpeed Illinois is the only company that has merged advanced
wireless computer technology with the security industry to deliver
an ideal solution to improve your police and fire departments’
capacity to monitor your community and more quickly respond to
emergency calls for assistance.  An communities have responded.

My interest IP Surveillance. Many organization(s) need to adress
their current system.  Cable? Tape? Not live or internet accessible.

We must come to grips with one fact of life.  Unemployment means
crime.  An the safety of others should lead any discussion.  We
must look beyond the traditional “goofing off” of employees.

If your facility is atleast 75,000 sq/ft you have a minimum (2) blind spots.
If the value of your company is based on inventory,{cooper turns a buck} capital assets must be secured.  Multipule locations {factory,engineers}can now have a central “mobile” location and enhance your Safety Awarness Program.  And who better than police, fire an emergency people, directly connected with.   Business nows has the perfect vehicle to participate with the community in building safer working envirnoments.  Does not that qualify for an Insurance Discount?

Trust me watch the video, I’ll never approach a intersection the same again.
You people are nuts out-there….


Awdio Brings Nightclubs into Your Living Room archives/ awdio_live_streaming_music.php

Somewhere, right now, it is night time, and somewhere, you can bet people are partying. It’s on that premise that live-streaming web radio site Awdio is built. Awdio streams live feeds from club DJs around the world, with coverage on every continent except Africa and Antarctica and has full 24/7 coverage. The site also streams events from other venues, including bars, lounges, hotels, and concert halls. Awdio currently has music from about 60 founding venues in 15 countries including the USA, Canada, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Bahrain, India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia.

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