Digital Content Management – FTR Hearings

A common theme among most Legal blogs – sharing technology advise or heads up on new products that will enhance productivity of said firm(s) or lawyers service.

Like most, we here (@ LPM Committee)do our fair share of staying in-touch with potential game breakers. What is of note – the market segmentation. Either the product or service is not focused on 70%, or in most cases, 70% has no motivation too part with their money on infrastructure that is not in the top 12 goals of said group. But there is another area that is slowly coming too the forefront that will force the said 70% to rethink their position.

For The Record

Courts and Court Reporters across the country are moving into the digital age with products like: FTR HEARINGS 3.3

Rob Gambell, FTR Channel Sales Rep, did a demo yesterday for a client of mine that answered many questions. An the biggest being managing said content. Play-backs, quality of sound, tabs, inserted notes, etc..

Taking note of the numerous State Courts within Illinois that already use FTR Products and an installed base of over 22,000 courts worldwide, this is not something that showed up yesterday.

Now picture this. What if, instead of recieving 50 pages of paper that you turn-around an scan or if your on-top of it a .pdf. You still have to load the document into whatever tool your going to use. What if you had a digital audio file with bookmarks and tabs. According to FTR, download the FREE player an your good to go. Maybe it’s me, but that does seem like a more suitable solution in today’s ever changing emotional based envirnoment.

Contact CTC local Authorized Reseller

It all about Content Management. And we haven’t even brought up video…..stay tuned….


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