“when its published we’ll take notice..”

Law.com has 2 recent posting this LPM member strongly encourages you review:

    What to do without local E-Discovery Rules……
   Amy Karan and Kansas Gooden point out: Lawyers should advise clients to develop a
   written document retention policy and sensitize clients to the potential risks
   including sanctions and adverse inferences for violations.

    Ignore Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX 404)at your Peril………
   Thus, it is critical for every entity to ensure that its records-retention policy
    includes appropriate triggers — called “litigation holds”

      It’s always alot easier to expand a relationship with a current client vs finding a new one.   Sales/Marketing 101.  Obviously previous posts on this subject gathered limited interest.  Since I consultant “Storage Solutions” to Mid-size companies here are some responses from clients I’m suppose too help:

  • “since there is no HIPPA police, why get crazy..”  Senior Living complex
  • “our competitors get sued, that’s our growth…”    Manufacture
  • “we have never had that issue, don’t see it…”        Trucking firm
  • “email’s, individuals cancel their own…”                  International Exporter
  • “worse scenerio, we’ll pay some silly fine…”            Property Management Firm

     I’m sure Mazy has a smile reading this:  Bankruptcy Clients….

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