Message Archiver – Juicy waters

Email Archives has/is the main fishing ground for “juicy” eDiscovery requests.   There are two sides, those searching and those protecting.    Today we take the high road of protecting your client against the assault.   The biggest hurtle is the storage.  Not so much the physical, as accessibility.   Where would you start?

 archiver_box.jpg       Barracuda Systems – Message Archiver is a good place to start.    

Enforcing corporate policy, compliance regulations and litigation requests are a growing aspect of a system administrator’s duties, requiring email retention, retrieval of related messages and delivery of all relevant communications. The Barracuda Message Archiver supports a standard and customizable set of policies and capabilities, including: 

  •  Retention policy. A predetermined archiving policy that outlines the length of time to retain email messages, whether to comply with government regulations or for company records.
  •  Roles. Using role-based administration, access privileges are organized in three tiers and can be designated to the administrator, auditor and end user by integrating with Active Directory to immediately classify user permissions.
  •  Compliance and corporate policy monitoring.The Barracuda Message Archiver enforces standard policies by monitoring and reporting on behaviors, such as use of foul language, transmitting personal identifying information, list of most frequently visited job searching Web sites, as well as providing customizable policies to monitor use of user-defined keywords and phrases. Upon installation, administrators can immediately set up the built-in policies or leverage new policy definitions delivered by Energize Updates to begin monitoring policy violations and create an audit trail of relevant email messages.
  •  Litigation readiness and discovery process. By using the powerful searching capabilities, auditors and email administrators can easily sort through an email archive to compile relevant messages based on keywords, dates and sender/recipients into an exported file. Access records and related policy violations can also be readily compiled and delivered to legal counsel as requested.

Notice how the product “forces” the client too address the issues of retention/destruction policies.   In the growth of today’s litigation, businesses are already cutting razor thin margins and tight credit lines to stay alive.   They may listen to their legal counsel before some IT consultant.   Case in point a local Village installed one after their Attorney stepped forward.   For you hunters… you know where to look first…… 

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