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Ed. Note: You watched, waited, and resisted the urge to join friends and loved ones rushing headlong into online tristes, chats, free-for-alls, and one-night-stands until, finally, your lack of intellectual curiosity and suspicion of the flickering box on your desk was rewarded.

Yes, the very same hype machine that birthed social networking hysteria now recoils in horror as people realize that insipid, pointless exchanges with strangers is as useless in the privacy of your own home as it was under the strobe-lights 25 years ago (disco rules!). 

Try not to cramp as you pat yourself on the back. – M. Hedayat

Too Many Choices, Too Much Content

by Sarah Perez – From Read-Write Web

The premise of this piece is (hold on to your hats) we may be seeing too many social sites. Take a moment. You’ll want to think that over. “Too many” you ask, incredulous. “How can you ever have ‘too many’ chances to smear your digital DNA across the web-o-sphere? It’s not as if we have anything better to … oh, wait. I get it. You mean that instead of networking all day we could be doing something, right? Well that’s just ridiculous …”

Let me cut to the chase. The only thing funnier than the obviousness of this post is the parade of virtual lemmings (25 and counting) who applaud the author in the “comments” section of the post. I guess people really are getting dumber ..

it turns out that insipid, pointless conversation with total strangers is as useless in the privacy of your own home as it was in the garish light of a fern-bar 25 years ago (disco rules!).

Filtering is the Next Step for Social Media

by Corvida – From Read-Write Web

This companion post to the one above is about the overflowing cup of social networks and why users will need a “filter” to make sense of it all. I guess just turning the computer off is out of the question …

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