web 2.0 puts the screws to IT

Social computing technologies a/k/a Web 2.0 staples like wikis, blogs, social networking, RSS, and more are making their way into the business world.

This movement, dubbed Enterprise 2.0, is no small shift. But the change encompasses more than just the introduction of social software to the business world – it also relates to the movement of server software from in-house data centers to the cloud, the rise of a mobile workforce, the rebirth of thin client computing, a self-provisioning user base, and more.

IT may never be the same.

— from read/write/web

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One response to “web 2.0 puts the screws to IT

  1. True, but is the deployment of such technology really as wide spread as we’re lead to believe? Think not. Today’s business mood is conservative too the point “if it does not make money TODAY, what’s the point”.

    Social Networking has that tag. The real task is when a IT Director can take the concepts and apply the benefits to FIT a companies need.

    The rebirth of Thin Client? Cost has a lot to do with that we’re your a Server based envirnoment

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