how I manage these days

Ed. Note: I thought some of you might like to know what applications I use in the office these days and for what.  If you’re not interested then ignore this post. If you are interested or would like to suggest a better alternative, please have a look. – MMH

Internet-based collaboration platforms streamline communications, help keep everyone on the same page, reduce the cost of communications, boost productivity, etc. I currently use a series of simple, inexpensive systems that do the job at the right price ($0 is always the right price). Here they are (office tools)

37 Signals is legendary. They only invented the signature programming langugae that made Web 2.0 into … well, Web 2.0. Their productivity suite consists of a series of component pieces, any of which can be used alone, and all of which are free up through a certain amount of usage. Even then the charge is modest.  I currently keep contacts, manage my appointments, do my billing, and prepare and send invoices, all through web-based tools like these for about $12/mo.  


I also use (billing and time) (invoicing) (reminders) (micro-messages/SMS) (voice to text)


Of course there are many, many other choices – most of which are feature-rich and at least as attractive (if not more so) than the services listed above. One such alternative is lawyer-specific service Clio which I think will be a big winner.


How about you? What are you using to get things done?

3 responses to “how I manage these days

  1. I use Zoho CRM –

    Online CRM package – for Marketing/Sales and Customer Service

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  3. I’d like to suggest Fanurio which does both time tracking and invoicing.
    Fanurio is a desktop application designed to help freelancers manage their work and be paid for it. It can do basic project management, time tracking and invoicing in order to have all the functionality in one place.

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