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Maybe I’m supposed to be neutral or unbiased or something when I share websites, applications, blogs, and gewgaws; but some start-ups appeal to me more than others. Take docstoc for example. This little company from the West Coast has implemented the kind of document-exchange ideas I was talking about in posts like this. So far they’ve done a hell of a job, becoming the virtual Energizer Bunny® of document exchange sites: they get funded, add features, get more funding, add more features, and so on. Still and all, it is by no means clear that docstoc will be able to overtake general-application early entrants such as google docs and scribd, more specialized document exchange sites such as jd supra, or newer competitors such as (which is cool as hell, I must say).

But true to form, docstoc continues to battle back – this time with a nifty idea called OneClick. In the words of the company, Oneclick allows you to upload document(s) by right clicking on files from your desktop and e-mailing large documents (up to 50 MBs) without having to use attachments.

Of course the question is not good intentions but execution. Granted, I’ve had more than my share of trouble using the docstoc site, but I’ve tried OneClick and so-far-sogood. 

Now you give it a shot and tell me what you think. Run the video below to learn more or go directly here to get started. 

docstoc oneclick



One response to “docstoc oneclick

  1. Good catch….

    When enters the array of competition, it not only raises the bar, it solidifies the market. Mazy, you for one have watched this particular application section grow from a simple concept or add-on to pretty much a necessary tool.

    Operating costs is a main concern for any business. Having to “upgrade” a particular “license” too obtain additional features has always been a turn-off. Then again, sharing files over the internet, especially “confidential” information has always held users back. Regardless what application you choose, the concept of “changing old habits” or adopting new ones is the biggest challenge.

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