divine design .. now in convenient search engine form


The latest trend in web development is rich user interface while semantic search rules the roost where knowledge management is concerned.

Enter Powerset, a recent entrant in the search field that has been over a year in the beta stage. Powerset finds answers to your questions on Wikipedia and Freebase, arguably the top free databases on the ‘net.

In addition to being a next-generation semantic search engine, Powerset has also earned the title of “best looking” search engine. See Powerset – the best looking search engine. The site does boast an easy to grasp user interface and clean look.

ed. note – I was one of the original beta testers for Powerset via PowerLabs. I can say from firsthand experience that the company is comprised of really smart people. You know – geeks. Good luck, guys.

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One response to “divine design .. now in convenient search engine form

  1. Getting better search results has been a targeted issue for some time.

    What we fail to recognize is our own ability to search better. Not just in the tools we use but the method(s) we ask. Not a day goes by when someone across your desk asks a question that can be replied too in more ways than one depending on who the statement is rendered.

    The age old mission is providing better results to your query. Hint: Ask a better question.

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