Surveillance made easy…..

Surveillance Solutions in today’s business brings about many debatable issues. The fact of the matter it has become a necessary tool. How we go about utilizing the technology is at the heart of the debate.

Cost has always been the first consideration. Where do start? What should you consider? The first step is coming to grips with the need. The second, what additional use can be made of this technology.

In addressing these issues has opened a showroom in Naperville, IL

Here you can view the different types an styles of each camera. From Domes to Sensor alerts. Also see first hand what the camera actually sees and how images are or are not recorded. As an additional feature does have the ability to visit your location an display the capabilities of “Remote” accesss through your PC or Smart Phone. They will show you “Live” feeds of PTZ (Point-Tilt-Zoom) cameras and help you understand how you can obtain this technology for less than $2K.

The additional uses is where the creative mind takes over. It’s a camera, it records video.

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