groan .. MSFT buys PWRST

pset-livesearch.pngSuper-blog Read/Write/Web recently reported the rumor that Microsoft might acquire semantic search engine Powerset. Today Microsoft and Powerset made it official. Those in the know say Powerset went for around $100 Million. Microsoft has indicated that it will use Powerset’s technology to “take Search to the next level.” In realty though, none of the larger search engines has been able to realize the promise of semantic search.

Ed. Notecan somebody please do something useful with semantic search already? Seriously. The promise is so great. Can’t someone get their act together on this point? Anyone?

One response to “groan .. MSFT buys PWRST

  1. What many are watching: Can MS actually acquire a company, slap the MS on it and achieve anything.

    Remember when MS bought Great Plains? The only thing MS accomplished was eliminate a competitor. Is this not the same?

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