enterprise 2.0 … it’s this simple, see

Enterprise 2 0 Blueprint

If you like confusing diagrams (and who doesn’t?) check out this easy to follow guide to the looming world of Enterprise 2.0 (e2.0 to insiders like us). You can also convert it from pdf to word, if it makes it easier to print the guide. It’s coming to a large law firm near you so brush up on your “2.0-speak” now. And while you’re at it, remember to push the virtual envelope and max the the possibilities using a java-based kernl applet based on a semantice oWL-based ontology. That’s the stuff…

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8 responses to “enterprise 2.0 … it’s this simple, see

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  2. This is one of the best diagrams I’ve seen in this space. Do you have an enlarged version, so we can read all the type? Thanks so much!

  3. forget about business let’s learn a new language. Maybe we can finally bridge the gap between IT people and the of us.

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  6. Great diagram! Would be great to have access to a higher-resolution version of it so to be able to read the smaller boxes.
    Thanks a lot

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