things your cell phone can’t do .. yet

from Read/Write/Web comes .. a glimpse into the future


Universal (Geo) Tagging

Take a picture. Add comments. Your phone will automatically tag the picture  and send itto a central online location like Flickr. Others can find your picture using its location or tag and cross-reference it on a  map. Bye-bye privacy …


Instant Information

Your phone will soon be able to provide background information on pretty much anything. Better yet, assuming that a sufficiently large photo-tag database develops, your phone will be able to recognize the object in question automatically and retrieve the right information.


Recommendations on Demand

You want to go to a certain restaurant or see a movie. Do you know anyone who’s been there?, seen it, or done it? Soon you’ll be able to find out immediately and search for their recommendations and reactions.


Proximity-Based Contacts

Friends and colleagues  in your vicinity will be detected automatically. You can  contact them  right away to set up that long-overdue meeting.


Cash, Credit, or iPhone?

Walk into a store and choose the credit card icon to communicate securely with the register via Blue Tooth or Wi-Fi. The transaction is secured via biometrics (fingerprints, retinal scan, etc.).


The Demise of Paper

Get receipts and business cards on your phone via Bluetooth or Wifi; they will also be automatically uploaded and backed up online. Enhance and annotate the information with instant access to online sources keyed to your subject as well.


Critical Data on Demand

What’s better than keeping personal information on a flash-drive for emergencies? Keeping it on your phone so you can access it anytime.


Deals, Deals, Deals

Retailers can now track your location and send competing deals to your attention – before you buy from Toys R Us, consider this offer from KB Toys for instance. The possibilities are limitless.

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