from pc to iphone in 1 weekend

By Alex Iskold / July 14, 2008 for read/write/web

When Apple first announced the launch of its iPhone platform, we wrote here that it is a game changer. Even the core of iPhone is a major advance in mobile computing, but with the platform iPhone becomes the new personal computer. The desktop from now on will be for professional and business work. Laptops aren’t going away, but will get increasingly less personal use. The reason is that iPhone with its application platform is a better personal computer and it’s widely accessible.  [link to read/write/web for the rest of the story].

One response to “from pc to iphone in 1 weekend

  1. Not so fast my fine friend. iPhone and Blackberry both have adopted the MS way of interfacing with their platform. Still need licensing.

    Blackberry has atleast gone outside itself to create a forum/committee to explore the different applications that can enhance the use. And mainly they stay within the group. VARs showing but rarely detailing these possibilities.

    Remote access to Surveillance solutions is still not part of the picture.

    Mobile computing will only increase and the convergence of PC/Phone/PDA or whatever into the “all purpose” answer devise, is showing its teeth.

    But until,(which will not happen)either or both address Open Source, limitations will always be there.

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